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Erica E.   - Alpharetta GA
"I’ve wanted to use online ads for a long time, but this is the first easy solution that fits my wallet!"
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Fede D.   - Buenos Aires, AR
"Thank you for the new clients, can’t wait for more clients and advertising. Thank you."
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“Looking for a Freelance Project Bonanza? Look No Further than DoNanza!”
Frequently Asked Questions
What’s so special about this service?
We wanted to make life for you a bit easier by creating an additional source from where you can get new clients. A service that doesn’t require any effort on your part and eliminates the hassle of many bids and applicants per job. We wanted to make a service that is as simple and effortless as turning on a light switch
How does it work?
After you select your skills, we automatically start advertising your services online through search engines (google, yahoo, bing). You will get your private leads that are not posted anywhere public directly. Get introduced to your client and take it from here.
How many leads can I expect?
You can expect between 3 -18 leads per month depending on the advertising package you choose.
How do I know these leads are relevant to me?
These leads all require projects that match your skill set. The project sizes and budgets can vary and we encourage you to give us a thumbs up or down so we can better personalize your leads. In case you are not satisfied we have a
14 day full money-back guarantee
Our product just works. We’re so confident of the impact it will have on your business that we’ll provide you with a full money back guarantee.
That’s right - if you are not satisfied with our product within 14 days of its launch, just - and we’ll refund the entire deal. No nonsense, no fine print.
6 reasons to use 1Click Advertising
Exclusive Clients
Increase your chances to get the client and close the job
Less Than $2 a Day
You can't get cheaper online advertising anywhere else
Eliminate the Competition
Getting private leads means you don't have to compete with other freelancers offers
Fully Automated
Requires no setup and maintenance time.
Launch and enjoy the benefits
Contact Clients Directly
You get all contact details so you can get in touch directly. No bidding. No middle man.
Cancel at any time
As a freelancer, your flexibility is key. We get it!
How it works
Setup easily
Get advertised on search engines
Start getting private job requests

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