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by · November 4, 2009


It is now easier to find a career at the comforts of your home without a steady employer to please or a relatively large money capital to start a business with. With the ever blooming freelance job industry, you are sure to have some source of income sans the usual hassles traditional jobs have.

Now, you may be wondering how you are going to find a freelance job that will help you make ends meet without a regular job. This worry is a little easy to settle— all you need is a computer and a reliable internet connection— and you would certainly be on your way to being a busy bee making honey online.

One of the best options that you have is to plunge into the waters of freelance writing. Freelance writing is one of the easiest freelance jobs available over the web. It is also a good stepping stone in order to make it to the freelance job on which you are really passionate about— say web design or programming— since website creation requires web content. Speak of being a jack of all trades!

Writing tasks available range from the simplest article writing and rewriting up to the ever demanding web content writing. Anyhow, it is undeniable that a gift of gab used in writing will take you a long way through the virtual world of freelancing without much investment.

So, maybe the next question that we may need to answer relates to the how to’s of a starter in this freelance job. Assuming that you already have excellent writing skills (do not attempt to jump into this job if you are not confident of your writing abilities), below are the 4 steps that will take your freelance writing career into a bloom.

Research-Learn-Experiment. As already mentioned earlier, a highly developed writing skill is necessary to be able to land a freelance writing job. However, it is also critical that you realize that freelance writing will have very specific demands and requirements that you may need to meet. As such, you may be required to stuff in keywords into your articles for SEO’s sake or ghostwrite and adapt the website owner’s writing voice. Therefore, you have to be patient and flexible enough to research details which you are unfamiliar with, to learn new skills that will make you more qualified to do a wider range of freelance writing projects and to experiment in order to be not a stereotyped writer which may hurt the quality of your writing and worst, your reputation. Needless to say, similar to all other kinds of job, freelance writing will require you to continuously grow as a writer and as a worker.

Specialize. No doubt that this is very necessary. A writer who does not specialize on anything is similar to a basketball player who does not know his role in the game. You will be lost if you have not specified what you would love to write and what you can write. You can always be a jack of all trades, but it will still be necessary for you to be able to determine the kind of freelance jobs that you enjoy and that you are capable of doing. After all, with the varied and huge number of writing tasks available all over the web, you would really have to know which ones you would want to prioritize and which ones would you are willing to give up.

Self-promote. Promoting yourself and your work is also essential to making it big in this business. Know for a fact that no client will be willing to entrust you with a freelance job without seeing what you have got first. Therefore, your very own website from which you can showcase your portfolio of writings is very much needed prior to making any application for writing posts. Such an investment will need not be a costly pursuit though. You are always welcome for a test drive through a free blog on Blogger or in WordPress. Simply create an account and pour your heart out writing all your thoughts. It is, however, highly recommended that you keep your personal blog from that of your professional. This will not only make your blog more organized, but it will also help you establish samples for both of your professional and personal voice of writing.

Take some time off writing. A freelance job is flexible enough for you to be able to manage your time as you wish. However, it is the same advantage which causes freelancers to be left with ‘accumulated’ work at the end of the day, leading them to feel all tired and ‘isolated’. Now, as a new freelance writer, you are never going to be any different. At some point of your freelance career, you would also feel these negative emotions towards your work. Therefore, it is critical that you prepare for it and even try to avoid it. Take some time off writing. Refresh your spirits, go out of your home office, continue to socialize and be inspired. The more you see of life and the more you experience; the more you will be able to write masterpieces! After all, writing as a freelance job is never meant to box you; it is a means for you to continually explore your options while earning.

Happy Freelancing!

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