Webs.com and DoNanza Announce Partnership

by · November 30, 2010

DoNanza is proud to announce its partnership with Webs.com the world’s largest website-building solution, serving over 50 million users.

"Work-from-Home Projects" app on Webs.com

"Work-from-Home Projects" app on Webs.com

As part of the partnership, Donanza’s work-from-home project board is offered as a free application for the webs.com community. Donanza’s Work-From-Home Project Board enables Webs’ users to offer on their websites freelance projects that can be done from home, and to share the revenue for both jobs posted, and jobs accepted.

Donanza’s Work-From-Home Project board application supports the unique layouts of sites that were created using the webs.com platform and the site owner can easily customize its look & feel and tailor the projects offered on his site to fit his visitor’s skills and interests.

“Donanza’s Work-From-Home Project Board can be set up in a flash, and gives you multiple ways to generate revenue through your website. It also drives traffic to your site,” explains Webs CEO Haroon Mokhtarzada.

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