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by · January 4, 2011

Work from home and personalize your search!

Since our launch in 2009, we have reviewed thousands of comments and suggestions from our users, researched and tested new technologies, and analyzed various ways in which we could enhance your DoNanza experience in finding projects that best match your skills and expectations. As a result of these efforts, we are pleased to bring you My.DoNanza, a tool that lets you personalize your search experience so you spend less time looking for your ideal projects and more time working on paying projects from all across the Web.

We developed My.DoNanza to make it more convenient for you to manage project searches, get project recommendations from us that are tailored to your skills and interests, organize your favorite projects and much more.

You can learn more about My.DoNanza Here.

But first, here’s a quick look at the new features My.DoNanza offers:

Customized Project Feeds

With our new search concept, you can set up multiple project feeds and personalize them based on the types of projects of interest to you. It’s similar to a Facebook news wall, only each time you visit DoNanza, you automatically receive new project opportunities that match your skills and interests.



Project Recommendations

DoNanza constantly learns what your preferences are and what kinds of projects might interest you and sends you recommendations of new and relevant projects that you can work on from time to time.

Project Tracking

Save your favorite projects and get real-time updates when these projects are updated. Add personal notes and ratings on each project and mange them all in one place.



Search Organization Tool

With the My Saved Searches tool, you can easily save and mange your favorite searches and filters, so you won’t need to define your searches each time.

Project Alerts

Let My.DoNanza email you when new projects meet your search parameters.

My.DoNanza is the first of many tools DoNanza is planning to introduce soon to enhance your ability to utilize your skills and maximize your profit by working from home. You are welcome to join My.DoNanza and start using all of its time-saving tools for free. We also welcome you to share your feedback with us, either here at the comment section or privately on the feedback section. We read every comment, request and suggestion that we receive from our users and take them into consideration when developing our next tools and features.

We will keep you updated on each new tool we are about to launch.
So stay tuned and follow us to get updates on new tools!

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