DoNanza Upgrades Search to Include Local Freelance Jobs

by · February 28, 2012

DoNanza Upgrades Search!

Many of the best freelance jobs are just around the block from you. Still, many freelancers miss them while searching for lower-paying work from half a world away. With DoNanza’s new search upgrade, that won’t happen.

At DoNanza, we’re bolstering our search offering with local freelance jobs – those gems that often pay more and offer steadier work but don’t turn up in global searches. DoNanza has so far added nearly 50,000 extra local jobs to its search for the US, UK and Canada alone and we’re adding more countries and boards daily.

By “local,” we mean clients in your city, country, or region who aren’t looking just to pay bottom dollar. They want a freelancer who speaks their language, understands their environment and might be available for a meeting. They’ll often pay more for it.

At DoNanza, we’re working around the clock to become the only source you ever need for all things freelance.

Stay tuned (We’ll have some great new tools to announce soon…),

Team DoNanza

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