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About DoNanza

  • What is DoNanza?

    DoNanza is the easiest way for freelancers to find more work and clients online. Our job finder aggregates projects from hundreds of freelance marketplaces, crowdsourcing sites and job boards.

    Our Premium 1 Click Advertising solution enables freelancers to get private job requests and avoid the hassle of competing against many others.

  • Who is DoNanza for?

    At DoNanza we have one focus and that’s freelancers.
    We have one goal and that’s to make it as simple and straightforward for freelancers to get work and expand their business.

  • How do I get paid on DoNanza?

    There are 2 options:

    1. If you find a job through the job finder - each site will have it’s own payment arrangement / policy
    2. If you get clients through our Premium 1 Click Advertising we leave you the flexibility of deciding how to get paid and what tools you prefer using.

  • Does DoNanza have a Blog?

    Sure, our Blog is here. This is where we post relevant content to get you started and improve professionally. Also this is the place where we’ll announce any exciting news we have for you. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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1 Click Advertising

  • What’s so special about this service?

    We wanted to make life for you a bit easier by creating an additional source from where you can get new clients. A service that doesn’t require any effort on your part and eliminates the hassle of many bids and applicants per job. We wanted to make a service that is as simple and effortless as turning on a light switch

  • How does 1 click work?

    After you select your skills, we automatically start advertising your services online through search engines (google, yahoo, bing). You will get your private leads that are not posted anywhere public directly. Get introduced to your client and take it from here.

  • What are the steps for setting the service up?

    After your registration you are taken to your dashboard where you can activate 1 Click Advertising in a few easy steps. An alternative is registering through this page right here and starting directly.

  • How many leads can I expect?

    You can expect between 3 -18 leads per month depending on the advertising package you choose.

  • How do I know these leads are relevant to me?

    These leads all require projects that match your skill set. The project sizes and budgets can vary and we encourage you to give us a thumbs up or down so we can better personalize your leads. In case you are not satisfied we have a 14 day full money-back guarantee

  • Does this service cost money?

    Our pricing starts as low as $24.99

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Publishers Program

  • Does it cost anything to put up the project board on my website?

    No. Joining DoNanza is totally free.

  • How complicated is it to integrate the project board on my website?

    Integration with the project board requires little to no effort. We guide you every step of the way.

  • Can the project board be customized to match the theme of my own website?

    Of course! The project board will have your site's look & feel. Everything from your logo, header, footer and even ads will be taken into consideration. More information is available upon request.

  • How do I earn money with DoNanza project board?

    You can earn money through the DoNanza project board from the first moment you integrate it in your site.
    The amount of money you will earn from the board depends on your site's traffic and how you promote your project board in your site.
    There are two ways to earn money through the DoNanza project board:

    • Users click on projects they find interesting - DoNanza's huge backfill listing is continuously updated with new projects that are displayed on your board and are relevant to your users according to their queries. All the projects are from websites that DoNanza has an affiliate partnership with, and when your users click on projects, they are sent to the site hosting the project. You will get paid when a user bids or works on the project. The amount and the conditions for payment is different from one website to another according to their affiliate agreement. You don't need to worry about that because we handle the affiliations for you and we will pay you the total earnings at the end of each month. You will be able to follow your daily earnings from clicks through our publisher control panel.
    • Employers post projects directly on your board - When you integrate the DoNanza board, you can enable employers to post projects directly on your board for your community. Those projects will be displayed at the top of your lists (above the backfill listing). During the board configuration process you will be able to set the price you want to charge for each post, and again, we handle the charging for postings in your site and pay you your earnings at the end of each month.

    You keep 50% of the revenue while we keep the other 50%

  • If only a small number of projects are posted on my board at first, how can I still offer a variety of projects to my users?

    We provide a solution called the backfill. We update your listings with aggregated content from across the web, which also appears in DoNanza. Your users will first see the posted projects on your board before seeing the backfill projects from DoNanza.

  • Can I use a custom domain name as my project board?

    Yes! You can use your own domain name through a process called domain mapping. The exact way to perform it will be explained once you become a publisher.

  • How do I get paid?

    You are given the option between PayPal and checks. Payments are sent at the end of each month.

  • How can I see my earnings?

    Once you have registered, you will login to your publisher control panel where you will have reports about your daily earning, future payments, payment history and more.

  • Can I use my own domain name for the project board?

    Yes! After registration we will contact you. Please be sure to let us know and we will provide the appropriate guidance.

  • How can I promote the project board on my site to invite users to search and post new projects for my community?

    Great question! We provide you with an easily customizable project box displaying projects from your board and inviting buyers to post projects. Place the box in key locations within your website so that users can see it. Currently, we are also working on some great banners and other promotional tools. Stay tuned!

  • I have few questions I want to get answers for. Who should I refer to?

    Just and we'll be happy to assist you in any way we can.

  • How this service is different from regular job boards?

    Integrating a project board gives your users a great opportunity to work on ONLINE and on on-demand projects ANYWHERE they choose to.

    This type of service is a natural extension to your community's unique experience on your site. Feature content that is related to their field of skills and interest: delivered when they want, where they want.

    Other characteristics that make online projects attractive to a wider range of audience:

    • Location independence - once the user has the required skill, he can apply for any project that suits his capabilities with no regards to his location. The poster and the provider can be located anywhere in the world, with you as the "matchmaker".
    • Flexibility - online projects presents a huge opportunity for a number of skilled professionals. Think about people in-between jobs, employed professionals who need extra income, full time freelancers, student, moms, or anyone who wants to have the flexibility of working from home.
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