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"Talent-as-a-Service: Why TaaS Is Here to Stay and How Workers Can Benefit From It"
CNN, 09/06/2012
"According to DoNanza, a job site exclusively for the self-employed, the supply of independent contractors is beginning to outstrip demand... "Our data show that the freelance marketplace has changed dramatically," says DoNanza CEO Liran Kotzer."
$200K Freelancer, 09/18/2012
"...DoNanza found that revenue from the jobs on its board grew from $650 million in 2010 to $850 million in 2011, and is at $600 million for the first half of 2012...."
CMS Wire, 11/03/2010
"A recent report by DoNanza, suggests that "Most CMS Sites Use Wordpress While the Largest Budgets Go to Drupal Developers""
Wired, 08/15/2012
DoNanza featured in Wired Magazine "Top 100 European startups 2012"
SmartPlanet, 08/28/2012
"Freelance, contract and entrepreneurial jobs involving mobile, social and Web are red hot and in demand. However, rates are not keeping pace or sliding. These are the latest findings collected by DoNanza, based on data sourced from more than 4 million job listings worth $2 billion, comparing 2010 and the present day."
Mashable, 11/04/2010
"Some very interesting stats have just emerged about the freelance and contract market for CMS developers and designers, from DoNanza report"
GigaOM, 10/26/2010
"In the case of my own experience as a freelance writer, the DoNanza stats seem to reflect reality, and also suggest some changes in my field that I may need to watch in the future"

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