Dear DoNanza users,

We are sorry to announce that DoNanza has closed its doors.

The service was available until Jul 30, 2014, at which point the service went offline.

We're proud of the team and tool that we built together and are incredibly thankful to our hundreds of thousands of users who used DoNanza.

We continue to believe that evolving the way freelancers engage with new clients globally is an important task.

We know that many of you have spent time and are using the DoNanza service every day, For that: thank you!

Our privacy policy has changed as a result of our intention to find a 3rd party that will purchase Donanza's assets, including the database of our users and related information that was collected throughout the years of our operation

If you wish to remove your personal information from DoNanza’s database, please notify us at, by no later than February 10th, 2015. [If you don’t notify us by such date, your information will remain part of the database that may be transferred to the purchaser of DoNanza’s assets.] Please feel free to contact us with any other requests you might have at

Thank you all again for the wonderful journey,

DoNanza Team